Caring For Our Community

School-Based Health

School-based health centers make going to the doctor as simple as walking down the hall.  When students aren’t feeling well, they may have a harder time learning. They may miss class a lot — and when they are in class, they might have trouble paying attention. Giving kids and teens access to health care at school puts them in a better position to learn. The objective of School-Based Health Centers is to  give students meaningful access to care in a location that is safe and convenient. Onsite health care professionals collaborate with schools to address the broad range of concerns and adverse experiences that affect students’ healthy development.

Kintegra operates School Based Health Centers in several schools in Catawba, Davie, Forsyth and Gaston and Lincoln counties.

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Kintegra works in collaboration with

the Newton-Conver City School System , the Hickory Public School System, Catawba County Schools, Davie County Schools, Gaston County Schools and Lincoln County Schools, providing behavioral health care to students in participating elementary and middle schools. Services are provided by Licensed Therapists (LCSWs, LPC, PhD).gaston-county-schools

Students at participating schools must be enrolled in Kintegra’s’ School Based-Health program to receive services.  For a list of participating schools by County, click here.  Parents can save time by completing enrollment forms at home.

To complete, sign and submit our enrollment pack on-line, click HERE (English only available currently).

If you would rather view and print the enrollment pack in English, click   Enrollment Pack – English (2022)For Spanish, click Enrollment Pack – Spanish (2022)



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In Forsyth County, Kintegra partners with The School Health Alliance for  Forsyth County (SHA) , integrating  SHA’s clinical services and Kintegra’s FQHC operations.

SHA  operates school-based health centers and programs providing medical and behavioral health services to school aged children and adolescents in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County (W-S/FC) School District.  School-based health centers provide services to students, regardless of their ability to pay.    Services include comprehensive well-child and adolescent exams, immunizations, diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury, management of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes, mental health assessment and treatment, health education, nutrition education and health promotion/disease prevent programs.

The SHA Mission is to improve the ability of students to learn by improving the health and safety of Forsyth county’s school-age children and adolescents and by coordinating and targeting the efforts and resources of all types of community health care providers.

With a team comprising Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Clinical Social Workers  and a Psychiatrist, Kintegra/SHA provides comprehensive medical and behavioral health care  in four school locations:  Mineral Springs Elementary/ Middle schools; Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy, Ashley Elementary  and North Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem.  In addition, SHA’s Mobile Medical Unit  provides similar services on a rotational, part-time basis at several additional participating schools in the county.  The program also includes  an LCSW-driven behavioral counseling program which serves several schools on a rotational basis.

For a list of participating schools, click here.

More information about the School Health Alliance for Forsyth County can be found at:    School Health Alliance for Forsyth County