Board of Directors

The Kintegra Health Board of Directors is composed of community members and patient users who each bring a unique area of wisdom and support to the table. The majority of the Board members are consumers of Kintegra’s services.

(as of 4/1/2023)

Chair: Mr. Phil Hinely
Vice Chair: Mr. John Herrara
Treasurer: Mr. Scott Scarborough
Secretary: Ms. Shirley Stowe
Director Emeritus: Ms. Louise Grigg

Ms. Jennifer Bennett
Dr. Ralph Bentley
Ms. Paula Black
Ms. Laura Clark
Mr. Viggo Dodoo
Mr. Wayne Howard

Mr. Robert Jones
Ms. Michele Knapp
Dr. James Macomson
Ms. Theresa Matthews
Ms. Jennifer McCracken
Mr. Brian McGinnis

Mr. Chuck Moore
Ms. Kristin Monza
Ms. Ramona Neal
Mr. Reid Thornburg
Dr. Nicole Waters
Ms. Betty Worthy

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