Optometry Care

Kintegra Health now offers comprehensive vision care on its Mobile Optometry Unit.

Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and experienced vision experts, Kintegra Mobile Optometry offers comprehensive eye exams, diabetic prevention and vision screenings, prescription eyewear fittings, and treatment for various eye conditions.

Mobile Optometry is available to established Kintegra patients in Gastonia, Hickory and Statesville family medicine locations.

By bringing vision care directly to patients, mobile optometry empowers individuals to prioritize preventive care and early intervention. Regular eye exams are essential for detecting and treating vision problems early, reducing the risk of vision loss and other complications. By detecting vision problems early and providing timely interventions, Kintegra Mobile Optometry helps patients maintain optimal eye health and quality of life.

Ask your Kintegra provider if our optometry services may be right for you.

Optometry Care Providers

Bryan Allf, MD

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