ncIMPACT Airs PBS NC Episode 7: Improving Healthcare Access & Outcomes

ncIMPACT,  a UNC TV (now called PBS NC) show, aired their Episode 7, at 7:30pm Friday 21, 2021:  Improving Healthcare Access & Outcomes.

Anita Brown-Graham talks with experts about improving healthcare access and outcomes by tackling upstream issues like Access to nutritious food, physical activity, job status. The Healthier Highland initiative in Gaston County is highlighted— demonstrating what can be achieved with strong community collaboration.

Here is a recording of the program!

About ncIMPACT:

ncIMPACT examines issues around our state including education, jobs, healthcare, and others. Host Anita Brown-Graham and her team from the UNC School of Government bring the listening, learning and leading that create conversations, going into the communities that are tackling these problems head on. Talking to the people on the ground, Brown-Graham identifies ways in which they are positively affecting others and making changes, while examining if these innovative solutions can be applied in other communities across the state.

PBS North Carolina is partnering with the UNC School of Government, with sponsorship by Civic Federal Credit Union, for this compelling series.

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