Kintegra Received HRSA CHCQR Quality Awards for Program Year 2022

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We’ve done it again! Kintegra has received the following HRSA Community Health Center Quality Recognition (CHCQR) awards for Program Year 2022.

The images shown above represent the HRSA Quality Badges awarded in 2023 for the 2022 UDS reporting period. 

Below are definitions and criteria for the awards.

  • Health Center Quality Leaders

To earn HCQL badges, health centers must have the best overall CQM performance based on average 2022 Adjusted Quartile Rankings (AQR). HRSA awards HCQL badges to health centers with AQR averages in the top three tiers (top30%). Kintegra earned the Bronze award meaning we were in the top 30% of health centers nationwide for our clinical quality metrics.

  • Access Enhancer:

        Health centers must

    • Achieve at least one of these:
      • Earn at least one HCQL or NQL badge.
      • Improve by at least a 15% in one or more CQMs in back-to-back reporting years.
    • Increase by at least 5% in back-to-back reporting years.
      • Total patients.
      • Patients receiving mental health, substance use disorder, vision, dental, or enabling services.
  • Health Disparities Reducer

     Health centers must

    • Qualify for the Access Enhancer badge.
    • Meet at least one of these:
    1. Improve by at least a 10% in low birth weight, hypertension control, or uncontrolled diabetes CQMs and must:
      • Improve during the two most recent back-to-back reporting years for at least one racial or ethnic group.
      • Perform as well or better than the previous year for the CQM at the health center level.
    2. Meet the following targets for all racial or ethnic groups they served within the latest reporting year.
  • Advancing Health Information Technology (HIT) for Quality:

Health centers that meet all the following criteria:

    1. Adopted an electronic health record (EHR) system.
    2. Offered telehealth services.
    3. Exchanged clinical information online with key providers health care settings.
    4. Engaged patients through health IT.
    5. Collected data on patient social risk factors.
  • Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition (PCMH): Recognizes health centers with PCMH recognition in one or more delivery sites.

To see full definitions of Award Criteria:

Community Health Quality Recognition (CHQR) Badges | Bureau of Primary Health Care (

To see Kintegra’s specific Awardee data, (and other organizations too) click on the link below:

Health Center Program Uniform Data System (UDS) Data Overview (

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