Kintegra Behavioral Health – Hickory Added to the Kintegra Family of Practices

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our family of practices:   Kintegra Behavioral Health – Hickory, where doors opened to its first patients on Monday January 3rd 2022.

Similar to Kintegra’s Behavioral Health locations in Mocksville and Gastonia, KBH-Hickory will provide counseling services to children and adults.  Its central Hickory location will also facilitate increased access to ongoing treatment and/or after-hours support for children enrolled in our school-based programs throughout Catawba County.  Behavioral healthcare and support can extend to students’ family members as well.  The site will serve as a hub for the many Kintegra behaviorists working in the Catawba County School districts.

In addition, KBH-Hickory will be a flagship BH site where Psychiatric Medication Management services will be provided  by Ms. Kaitlyn Florence, PMHNP-BC and Ms. Janine Jolly, PMHNP-BC.

Check out KBH-Hickory at

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