Caring For Our Community

Pharmacy Services

Established Kintegra patients can access pharmacy services at any of our pharmacy locations.  Our Pharmacy staff is on hand to consult with you about your medication regimen.

Kintegra provides pharmacy services at the following locations:

Davidson County

Gaston County

Iredell County

Lincoln County

Kintegra pharmacies purchase medications using a federal drug pricing program and pass the discounts on to the patients, who are charged a small dispensing fee.

In Cherryville and Hickory, Kintegra works closely with the following neighboring pharmacies, which provide discounted medication for eligible Kintegra patients.

In addition to traditional pharmacy dispensing services, Kintegra offers a MAP (Medication Assistance Program) services as part of its pharmacy department services. Patients must provide necessary documentation to qualify for this program. MAP communicates with the drug companies on behalf of the patient.

More information about MAP services is available at our family and pediatric medicine practices; or call 704-853-5079.