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HIV Case Management


Kintegra provides medical and dental services and behavioral health counseling to more HIV infected patients than any other primary care provider in Gaston County. Medical, emotional and lifestyle complications associated with living with HIV can sometimes create economic difficulties at the same time these patients are also frequent users of medical resources. Thanks to the Ryan White Care Act grant and the Department of Medical Assistance, Kintegra staffs a team of HIV Case Managers whose primary role is to coordinate a continuum of care and assist clients in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Case Managers also assist clients in identifying community resources that may be beneficial in achieving and/or maintaining a level of independent functioning.

Kintegra is able to provide primary and specialty care for the uninsured HIV patients. In addition, Kintegra provides case management and advocacy services to HIV/AIDS infected patients who require care coordination.

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Kintegra and Gilead Sciences’ FOCUS Programgilead

Increasing routine HIV and Hepatitis C screening is essential to slowing and ultimately ending these epidemics in the United States. One in eight HIV-positive Americans do not know they are infected, 45% of those diagnosed with HIV remain out of care, and it is estimated that 50% of people infected with HCV remain undiagnosed. Routine screening integrates HIV and HCV testing into regular care in clinics, hospitals, and other health care settings to address undiagnosed infection and engage individuals in treatment.

The Gilead FOCUS program (Frontlines of Communities in the United States) partners with health care organizations, government agencies, community organizations, and others to change the way clinical and community institutions approach HIV and HCV testing. Thanks to a grant from  Gilead Sciences’ FOCUS program, Kintegra is launching a pilot program of HIV and HCV screening.

For more information about Gilead Sciences and the Gilead FOCUS program click: Gilead FOCUS Program