Podiatry Care

Kintegra’s Mobile Podiatry Unit provides care to established patients in Catawba, Cleveland, Lexington, Iredell, Lexington and Randolph Counties at the following locations:

Kintegra Family Medicine – Asheboro

Kintegra Family Medicine- Hickory

Kintegra Family Medicine – Lexington

Kintegra Family Medicine – Shelby Marketplace

Kintegra Family Medicine – Statesville

Kintegra provides in-clinic podiatry care for established patients at:

Kintegra Family Medicine – 3rd Ave, Gastonia

Talk to your Kintegra Provider to see if Podiatry care is right for you.

Kintegra Podiatry Care Goes Mobile!

The short video below will provide more information.

Podiatry Care Providers

Revonda Jessup, DPM

John Throckmorton, DPM

Colin Moffett, DPM

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