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Choosing your Provider with Medicaid Tailored Plans

The Medicaid Tailored Plans Begin on December 1st, 2022!

If you currently meet eligibility for the Medicaid Tailored Plan, you will receive more information on Tailored Plans before they begin.

You will be enrolled with a Tailored Plan based on where you live. Enrollment Packets will be mailed August 22, 2022. It will explain the Tailored Plan, the options available to you and  how to choose a primary care provider (PCP).

Your PCP is a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other provider. They care for your health, coordinate your needs, and refer you to specialists when you need them.

Even if you have a PCP, you will need to choose a PCP in the Tailored Plan’s provider network

We hope you choose Kintegra!  You won’t see Kintegra locations and providers on the network list at first. Kintegra is expected to appear in the network in late September of 2022, so we ask that you wait until that time to select your provider.

If you do not select a provider by October 15th, you will be auto-assigned to a primary care provider. We believe you will be auto-assigned to your Kintegra Health provider. However, if you are auto-assigned to another PCP or selected another PCP in error, you can change your Tailored Plan primary care provider.

You can call your health plan or the enrollment broker and select the  Tailored Plan PCP you would like.   Your PCP will appear on your Medicaid ID card that will be mailed to you by Nov. 5, 2022. Again, if this is not the PCP you want to provide services to you, call the Tailored Plan to change.

If you have other questions, call NC Medicaid Division of Health Benefits (NCDHHS)  at 1-833-870-5500 (TTY: 711 or The call is toll free.